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    June 09, 2016



Nazim Laspur demands to on board the residents of Laspur in Shandur Festival

By Zahiruddin

The member of district council from Laspur, Zulfi Hunar Shah has asked the provincial government to take on board the residents of Laspur valley while making arrangements for holding the Shandur festival who are the real stake holders of the event.

In a press statement issued here on Wednesday, he said that Shandur was the pasture of the people of Shandur village and it was quite unwise to exclude them from the process while holding it.

Mr. Shah also flayed the attitude of the government as dismissive during the last couple of years and demanded for inclusion of the elected representatives of local bodies from the area in the management mechanism of the festival.

He said that the district government is the elected representative body of the people of Chitral which should be entrusted the task of holding the festival and any attempt to keep it out from the process will lead to mar the event.

Mr. Shad said that the event was of international importance which warranted that the event should be hold in a befitting manner keep in view the cultural traits of the area and this is possible if the locals are given the responsibility.

He said that every year, hundreds of cattle heads specially the yaks perished in the pasture of Shandur after the event due to the pollution as tens of tones of solid waste are accumulated there and contaminate the food of the cattle being grazed there.

He had demanded of the government to compensate the farmers of Laspur valley for the loss of their cattle.



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