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    June 07, 2016



Public bono lawyers forum.

Through your esteemed paper I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the lawyers of Chitral for their setting up an organization with the aim of protection of fundamental rights of citizens, eradication of corruption, good governance, oversee unnecessary delay in completion of development works in Chitral. This is an unprecedented endeavor by the lawyers of chitral for which they deserved congratulations . such organizations and that is too from lawyers will bring positive changes in the society. By this way, Chitrali lawyers are going to make new history in chitral by dedicating their valued time for the betterment of general public of Chitral. Congratulations to lawyers once again for their noble endeavor. Thanks

Abdul Murad
Saudi Arabia


3 MPO issue

Dear admin,
Under Section 3 of the West Pakistan maintenance of Public Order Ordinance 1960 a very senior Peoples Party member of Chitral was put to bars for protesting peacefully against the government on multiple matters. This MPO is a clear violation of Article 4 and Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan which guarantees liberty and freedom to citizens. Section 3 of the MPO 1960 provides an unbridled powers in the hands of local Administration. Freedom of speech, right to assemble and demonstration by holding dharnas and peace agitation are the basic features of a democratic system. The people of a democratic country like ours have a right to raise their voice against the decisions and actions of the Government or even to express their resentment over the actions of the Government on any subject of social or National importance. The Honourable High Court in a Constitutional petition / writ petition No 22-B of 2014 "Hamayun Vs DCO Kohat and Six others (2014 PCr.LJ 173) set aside the orders passed by the DCO of bannu and ordered to release the Petitioner.

I urge the legal fraternity and the political leaders to raise their voice against the act of the Local Administration and the DC Chitral.

Naveed Sultan



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