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    May 09, 2016



Electricity in Chitral

From the past year more than 60% of Chitral is living in the Stone Age. Last year floods had affected the livelihood of the whole district and force people to live in the darkness. People who could afford had their own solar panel and the ratio is less than 10%.

Last year government announced that they will provide generators for the main towns of the district like Booni and Mastuj within some time. Almost a year later only the generators and panel board were arrived but the transformers are still missing. Without transformers how can these 750 KV generators will supply electricity to Booni. This shows the irresponsibility of our government.

Booni so called the downtown of Upper Chitral is the main hub and all the government head offices, banks and higher education institutes and their office lies there. People are facing many difficulties with their work. A year ago a single photocopy paper was of 2 rupees and now because of unavailability of electricity photocopier are demanding 10 rupees on single paper by showing their generators and the petrol prices.

MPA Upper Chitral, Mr. Sardar Hussain people have chosen you as a leader by casting their votes. Before the election he was be like everywhere begging for votes. When it comes to serve the people he has just disappeared in thin air.

Qahir Ali
University of Karachi.



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