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    May 07, 2016



Father and Daughter fell into river Chitral and died

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: While crossing a pedestrian suspension bridge, a man and his daughter fell into the river and died in Drasoon village of upper Chitral here on Friday afternoon.

An eye-witness Rafiud Din told Chitral Times by telephone that two persons lost their balance as the wooden bridge with floor made of willow twigs started vibrating as they were heading to the centre.

He said that both of them disappeared below the water after falling from the bridge and their dead bodies surfaced in quite distant places down stream which were recovered by the people present on the occasion.

The man was identified as Shahabud Din who the amir of a local chapter of Jamaat-e- Islami of Kushum village who had come to Drasoon to take his daughter back to Kushum village who was appearing in the intermediate examination in a Drasoon centre.



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