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     January  12,  2016



Senior Minister LG&RD Launches CDLD Communication Strategy

Chitral Times Repot

PESHAWAR: Senior Minister for Local Government, Elections and Rural Development, Inayatullah Khan, formally launched the communication strategy for the Community-Driven Local Development (CDLD) Programme in an official ceremony on Monday. In his opening remarks, he said “strategic communication management for CDLD is one of our main priorities with citizen participation as the focus of strategy implementation, development of the communication material, launching of the CDLD website and activities for citizen engagement are some of the significant measures which are already underway”.

Entitled as “Empowering Communities from the Ground Up through Collective Action”, the communication strategy of the CDLD is stretched across a three-year time period to cover the broad spectrum of media communication and public awareness fields to “enlighten, educate and engage target communities” at the grassroots level. The CDLD Programme was rolled out in 2014 by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the Euros 64 million financial assistance of the European Union to pilot the Provincial Government’s CDLD Policy in the selected districts of Malakand Division, including Chitral, Lower Dir, Malakand, Shangla, Swat and Upper Dir.

In addition to the strategy document, public outreach and community awareness material already developed as part of the CDLD communication strategy were shared during the launching ceremony. The official website of the CDLD Programme, www.cdldta.pk, was also launched by the Senior Minister LG during the event. A real time demonstration of the main features of the website was given to the participants. “Our government is focused on bridging the gap between the state and citizens. Today’s launching of communication strategy lays down a strong foundation for the implementation of the strategic communication action plan”, the Senior Minister said.

Team Leader of the CDLD Programme, Brian Fawcett, briefed the participants about the overall CDLD Policy framework and the implementation progress. The participants were informed that the strategy has been formulated in a stepwise methodology to integrate the five key components of strategic communication, including, setting the communication framework, analyzing the communication stakeholders, formulating the core communication messages, specifying the communication tools and outlining the three-year communication action plan.

The website will strengthen the public relations of the CDLD Policy implementation Unit through open and easy sharing ofnews updates, progress reports, case studies, audiovisual material, etc. In addition to giving out information about the ongoing measures and community projects under the CDLD Programme, the website also enables the users to download key policy documents such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Community-Driven Local Development Policy, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act, Strategic Development Partnership Framework and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right toInformation Act.

The three-year communication action plan elaborates main activities with their sub activities, stretched across measurable timelines and designated responsibilities. The communication action plan is therefore a practical guide to foster turning communication ideas into communication actions for successful CDLD Policy implementation through collective action. The well-attended ceremony brought together senior officers of the government, representatives of the development partners along with local media representatives to experience the strategic communication initiatives firsthand.


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