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    May 03, 2016



Light up your future with what you have!

The university of Karachi. One of the most prestigious institute in Pakistan. Ranked among top 700 universities by HEC worldwide ranking.

A Institute which have brightened of nation by brightening our youth future. Karachi university had currently enrolled more then 25000 students. And every year in December admission opens for our young and talented youth. It's Pakistan top institute by its diversity of students. You can found any type, race, cast of people with different culture and traditions. It comprises with student from all over Pakistan and also some foreign students. The education level is much higher then other institution,

Still people of our North like G-B and Chitral not prefer government institutions as like private institutions. We have being brand conscious for everything like our dressing our life style and now education. Most of the people prefer private Institutes over government and pay excessive amount of money for their studies in whatever cost. Nowadays semester fee of any private institution is not less than fifty thousand (50000) and the maximum limit it more than out imagination. Why don't we avail some opportunities from our government institutions and save something which we haven't earned.

University of Karachi provide score of fields for you to learn. And the semester free is much acceptable for any family. The faculty you may have here are scholar and PhD holders from foreign and domestic universities. The diversity may help you with your social skills and boost it.

Maybe of some help. UoK has divide their admission procedure into test base and mertic base system. Merit base admission cover some social sciences and education field and test base system cover up business related, pharmacy, and some social sciences fields.

Your sincerely
Qahir Ali
University of Karachi



Dear Editor,

Nowadays heatstroke in Karachi has become the most crucial issue for Karchities. Temperature is hitting 40 degree Celsius and above. It's affecting students the most.
Traveling in this heartbreaking heat to universities and colleges make students exhausted, and the unavailability of electricity is making it worse.

People do not take proper measure of it and suffer dehydration. In some area drinking water is scarce. Last year Karachi witnessed death of above 2000 people around the city
but still haven't able to take proper measures for this year.

Providing water cooler in Street and bus stops can be useful and set up shades in public places and bus stops. So people can wait for vehicles by standing and sitting in
shaded areas.

Your thankfully
Qahir Ali
University of Karachi


Lahore PTI jalsa and women

It was shocking to see videos of PTI Lahore Jalsa where women were harassed/mishandled. It is shameful for PTI top leadership also. ‪PTI officials should take strict notice of these incidents and bring culprits to justice. They cannot let this go unheard.

Media channels have aired these videos and have also shared on their Facebook pages which is not good as it is showing women also who are harassed. PEMRA should also take notice of this.

Men and women seating arrangement should be separate and their entrance/exit should also be separate so that these type of incident didn’t happen.

People on social media are also saying that “When PML-N failed to stop people from supporting Imran Khan.. they lowered themselves to this shameless level. It’s very clear there was only a specific group pf people who were harassing women/girls intentionally, they are not PTI Supporters, they were sent by PML-N just to defame the PTI jalsas.”

Whatever is the case. Complete investigation should be made and culprit should be penalized. At least Imran Khan should do this if he demands commission on Panama leaks.




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