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    May 02, 2016



Truth about Palliative Care

Death and Dying

Dying is an integral part of life, as natural and predictable as being born. However, it becomes difficult when human body is clutched by incurable and life limiting illness. Especially, when untreatable infirmity grab a young child. Palliative care becomes crucial at such tedious times and patient needs help every minute of the day. Palliative care doesnít only deal with the physical need, but also tackles psychological, spiritual and social need of a client. Moreover, it is a philosophy and highly structured system that deliver best possible care and quality of life irrespective of stage of disease. At such critical time family serves as a primary caregiver and support system to the patient. It acts as a cushion for an individual. However, when primary care giver becomes heedless, it increases patientís suffering and psychological turmoil.

To ease the pain and to provide better life to patients who are dying, it is recommended that cognitive-behavioral therapies, family therapy and counseling sessions must be arranged for patients. Also, the family should be accustomed that both the parents are responsible for the inheritance of certain diseases. Moreover, support group should be made for such families to motivate them for better involvement in patient care setting. Besides, such families can be given reference about cancer hospital where such children can be treated free of cost. Programs and studies should be done to evaluate the economic cost of child and family and to help families with financial burden.

Saima Bhimani
Registered Nurse
Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
Aga Khan University Stadium Road Karachi Pakistan



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