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    May 02, 2016



Our Pride ......... Captain Ajmal Shaheed

Capt Ajmal T.bt embraced shahadat on 30 April 2015 . Our beloved comrade left with us his bravery and courage to follow . One year back in a relatively calm evening of 30 April , my elder brother called me to share the news of Shahadat of a Captain Ajmal ,our course mate and our best buddy. I couldn't imagine Ajmal has left this eternal world forever. But by the next morning news of his Shahadat was everywhere. The news brought a unique type of feelings in me Feeling the pride to be amongst the close associates of a Shaheed and the feeling to loose a close friend at the same time Indeed Pakistan lost a great son and Pakistan Army rendered yet another sacrifice for this motherland. The officer proved his mettle and caused severe blows to the miscreants in Khyber Agency. As bravery was his hallmark, we now feel that he was destined to be a Shaheed. With the same spirits, on 30 April 2015, during an operation he embraced Shahadat while leading his men from the front, He has been awarded Tamgh e Basalat for his act of bravery and courage. He lived like a brave soldier and died like a daring soldier with his boots on, which has made the whole Chitral proud.

May Allah bless his soul and grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdous.
Dear Ajmal you will stay alive in our hearts for ever .

Captain Ahsan



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