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    April 27, 2016



Inhabitants of Yarkhoon decides to restart cultivation of Hashish

By Zahiruddin

Dismayed and anguished by the indifference of the government towards their plight in the wake of flash floods last year, the inhabitants of Brep village in Yarkhoon valley have decided to restart the cultivation of hashish which had been previously the main component of their household income.

This decision was taken in a meeting of the villagers in Brep the other day which was also participated by the women folk and gave a deadline of two weeks seeking strong assurance from the government for redressing their core issues.

Addressing the gathering, the elites of the village including Muhammad Asharaf, Qadir Zia, Mir Rahim, Sarfaraz Laal, Charwella Allah Ditta , Rubina Ashraf and others said that the village was hit by the glacial lake outburst flood for twenty times over a period of one month which wreaked havoc there.

They said that the village was known for the bumper produce of local species of apple but the flood had washed away the trees of apple divesting them of their major source of income rendering them abject poor.

They said that the flood had washed away the heads of six number of water channels disconnecting the supply of irrigation water from the main stream last year but the government did not pay heed to restore them as a result of which wheat and fodder crops will be effected adversely.

The villagers said that hundreds of families have been rendered homeless and hundreds of acres of agricultural land was turned barren by the floods last year but not a single officer of the district administration bothered to visit the village and this indifference has filled them with dismay.

They said that the villagers had no option but to resume the cultivation of hashish on commercial scale for which the soil was best suited with a record of optimum per acre yield in the past.

They said that hashish had been the cash crop of Yarkhoon valley during the former state of Chitral till 1960s and octroi tax was levied on its transportation which was exacted by the functionaries of the state.

They asserted that keeping in view the indifference of the PTI government in the province towards the plight of the villagers , the villagers have decided in unison to start cultivation of the banned crop in protest.



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