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    April 25, 2016



Students of AKHSS Kuragh mark World English Language Day

Chitral Times Report

KURAGH: A special event celebrating the English Language Day took place in AKHSS Kuragh on Saturday, 23rd April. The event was planned to encourage students towards developing competency in the language for it is the lingua franca of the modern era. As the date is traditionally observed as the birthday of William Shakespeare, the greatest English language poet and playwright, students also paid tribute to him through various literary activities. Students of the school had decorated the walls and notice boards with quotations from English literature and the names of various writers along with their works.

The event started with the recitation from the holy verses of the Quran by a student of grade 9,and a group of students from grade 8 presented a fascinating naat which left the audience spellbound. Thereafter, Mr Zahid Ali Khan, lecturer in English shared the objectives of the great event. Swaying the national flags, students of grade 8 presented a very beautiful national song showing their love for their country. Students of grade 8 and 9 shared their own creative English poems to show their appreciation for literature. The audience highly valued the item.

Exchanging poetry was followed by a mesmerizing performance of grade 8 students who staged ‘King Lear’, the famous tragedy of William Shakespeare, to pay great accolade to him. The fight between good and evil was realistically enacted by the students playing the roles of the famous characters from William Shakespeare. Students had learnt the script by heart from the original text of the well-known playwright, a very rare achievement indeed! Looking at the performance, the spectators felt as if they were sitting in the ‘Globe Theatre’ of Shakespeare’s time. Now and then students referred to the literary giants of English literature. Afterwards, a quiz competition was arranged among the three grades.

Students’ response to the questions posed by Mr Muhammad Nabi, faculty of English, was truly commendable. The questions were taken from both linguistics and literature; idioms, figures of speech, grammar, literary figures and their works, history of English literature and some interesting questions from daily language in use. The competition was divided into three rounds, where 5, 4, and 3 questions were asked in each round. After a tough competition, the questioner had to ask two extra questions to reach to a decision between grade 8 blue and grade 9. Students of grade 9 were declared winner of the competition. Upon the conclusion, trophies were given out to the groups. The audience found the questions of great help to them.

At the end of this precise but meaningful program, the head of the institution Ms Sultana Burhanuddin addressed the audience. In her speech she praised the organizers and students for arranging such a wonderful program in no time. Further, referring to BBC report, Ms Sultana showed her prospect over the greater impact of English language in  future when English would absorb other languages, which as a result would be among the dead languages. Concluding her speech the Principal encouraged the students to productively utilize their time at school and hostels speaking English incessantly to enhance their communication skills so that they could master this world language.



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