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    April 25, 2016



Villagers of Mastuj captured a wild lynx

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The villagers in Mastuj village captured a lynx which had had killed eight number of goats in the pasture and handed it over to the wildlife department officials.

A villager Barkat Ali Jan told Chitral Times  on telephone that a couple of lynx had played with the livestock of the villagers by killing the goats and sheep in the pasture while chickens in the village over the last two years which inflicted financial loss on them.

He said that the villagers chased the wild cat when it was spotted in the village and it was capture unhurt as it climbed a tree by hurling a noose of rope on it and clamping it.

Mr. Jan said that the number of goats and sheep killed by the lynx rose to dozens during the last two years and the loss of a goat meant a loss of livelihood amounting to 15 thousands rupees.

He said that the community members had approached the divisional forest officer (DFO) of wild life department to release the captured lynx in a place far away from the village to save their livestock from it.

He said that the villagers have time and again approached the wild life department for group insurance of their livestock which faced the danger of lynx, snow leopard, wolf and brown bear but to no avail.

Mr. Jan complained that keeping in view the importance of the biodiversity, the villagers have always desisted themselves from killing the wild beasts for saving their livestock and have extended cooperation to the department but it was not being reciprocated by the department.

He said that due to its high altitude, no cereal crops are grown on profitable bases and the major occupation of the villagers is livestock keeping and the loss of the cattle heads should be properly compensated and insurance is the best way of it.

When the DFO, wild life Imtiaz Hussain was contacted to know his version, he said that the lynx was released last night but he did not know the locality where it was released by his officials.



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