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    April 24, 2016



Closing eyes from the resource management

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and the purpose of education is to make mind not careers. In todayís newspapers I read that, 10,000 new PhDs to be produced under Pak-US Educational corridor. Indeed itís a good news for all the academians as we have less of the higher educated peoples specially the doctorate degree holder but the question arises here is that whether it is the need of the day to add to the quantity by ignoring the already had unemployed doctorate degree holders. We had 3298 PhD holder from 1947-2002 and 11848 PhDs in 2014(source: HEC). Out of this data 40% of the degree holders are unemployed. What would be the advantage of opting for higher degree if there Is not attached any incentives and opportunities, all these are the such confusions arising in the minds of the opting for higher degree holder students. Unemployment gives birth to frustration and disappointment which ultimately leads to plundering and crimes.

The need of the hour is to adjust the entire PhDs degree holder first and then go for more of such assets. If we skip the back and just move foreword by closing our eyes there will be arising two possible situations. The first one will be that the ratio of students opting for doctorate program will be possible very low and secondly even if the ratio is high, most possible situation is that brain drain would be at peak. The rising number of doctorates is a major step forward for Pakistan, but whether the country will be able to absorb them in the workforce and utilize their potential gainfully remains to be seen.

In this regard the government, particularly HEC should take such issues in a serious note and move forward with such policies and programs where education especially higher education can be sketched as and assets not a liability.

Muhammad Zafar ul haq
NUST islamabad.



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