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    April  10, 2016



Disaster-hit bridges, roads and irrigation channels, water supply schemes are yet to be rehabilitated.

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: “Nearer than church, farther than God” is the best dictum to portray the appalling conditions in Chitral town where disaster-hit infrastructures of bridges, roads and irrigation channels, water supply schemes are yet to be rehabilitated.

The two pedestrian bridges over Chitral Gol stream washed away in July last by the flash flood are yet to be reconstructed and the stream is still crossed by the passersby through a make-shift bridge consisting of a pair of log of wood and a number of planks.

“One of the bridges is situated at a distance of less than 100 meters from the offices of District nazim and deputy commissioner who passed who looked at it everyday while going to their offices”, complains Abdul Basit of Goldur village while complaining their apathetic attitude.

He said that the make-shift bridge will be no more with the advent of summer season when the level of water rises in the stream and the people will have to walk additional for half an hour to the other side of the stream by diverting to the truck-able bridge at Atalique bazaar.

He said that hundreds of children going to schools crossed the stream on daily basis and they will be the worst suffers of all in case the make-shift bridges are also washed away.

Inamur Rahman of Muldeh village said that the irrigation channels emanating from the stream are yet to be rehabilitated and any delay in it will create a devastating situation for the farmers of Muldeh, Goldur, Zargarandeh and Junali whose wheat crops and fruit trees will die away.

He said that the situation will spell another disaster for the people if they lost their wheat, fodder and rice crops as well the fruit trees due to the shortage of irrigation water as they derived a large part of their sustenance from agriculture.

Mr. Rahman said that the water supply scheme for the town was yet to be restored on permanent footings whose pipeline along the Lot Koh river and faced high degree of vulnerability with the rise of water level in the river.

He complained that the residents of Chitral town comprising of three union councils are the worst affected of the flash floods of last year as their pathetic conditions have been overlooked by the elected representatives and the government officers alike.

When tehsil nazim Maulana Muhammad Ilyas was contacted to know his version, he absolved himself of the mess and hurled the accusation on district nazim and the local MPA Salim Khan saying that they foiled his attempt for rehabilitation of the facilities in Chitral town.

Using their authority and clout, they turned down the PC-I of tehsil municipal administration and diverted the allocated funds for it to somewhere else outside the town as a result of which the problems remained unsolved.

When MPA Salim Khan, who is also chairman of district development advisory committee (DDAC), was contacted to know his version, he rejected the version of tehsil nazim about himself and supported it against the district nazim.

Repeated efforts failed to contact the district nazim Maghfirat Shah on telephone to ascertain his account of the situation.


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