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    April  01,  2016



Kulbushan Jadhav’s arrest; India Will Never Confess!

Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadev having Iranian Passport was arrested by the Pakistani security agencies from Baluchistan, admitted the Indian secret agency Raw's involvement in destabilizing Pakistan in a video aired during a joint press conference by the civil and military leadership of the country on Tuesday.

He was tasked to destabilize Pakistan, create unrest, sponsor terrorism, separatism in Baluchistan and target the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In the video statement of the Indian intelligence functioning was also played during the press conference in which he acknowledged that he was a serving Indian Navy officer (be retired in 2022) working for RAW. The Indian spy said that he has been leading various activities in Karachi and Baluchistan at the directive of RAW since 2013. He also confessed playing a role in deteriorating law and order situation of Karachi.
“These activities have been of anti-national or terrorist nature which resulted in the killing and wounding of Pakistani citizens.”

Pakistan from the very beginning of its birth has been suffered in internal and external aggression. There might be some other causes of such “insurgency” but the most realistic reason of our destabilization is the Hypocrisy of our next door neighbor India whose leader had predicted that Pakistan will not sustain its freedom and fell just within 15 days of its creation. It is a very clear reality that India has never accepted our existence thus she always remains very active in finding such kind of mediums to target our sovereignty. Sometimes it carries out its subversive activities through funding to militants and anti-Pakistan elements like Taliban and Muhajir Nationalists so that it’s shameful face not be disclosed. But very often its foolishness comes in front of the world when its spy network is traced by the Pakistan Agencies.

Now the catastrophe is that in spite being provided with thousands of clear evidence of Indian Involvement in our country, India is not ready to admit the crime. Why? This is the question which stuns each and every one who is a little bit realistic in nature. We always have been trying a good neighbor to our neighboring countries especially India; we declared it as the most favorite nation and provide fully assistance in combating a ‘proxy’ terrorism in Indian cities including Mumbai and Pathankot. But sorry to say that what we get as a reward for it, that the world knows well. There is countless evidence, what the things about Indian interference we will count over here. It is India who broke our country into two pieces; it is India who imposed three wars on our country; it is India who compelled us to file the water issue in World Bank; it is India who has occupied our territory; it is India who built more than 125 dams on the Pakistani reservoirs… Mostly such terrorist and spy works are carried out by its intelligence network RAW. How it contributed or contributes in terrorist activities in Pakistan; let’s have a look at the given fact sheet showing the alleged operations carried out by RAW in different time and in different areas:

1. A car bomb explosion in the Saddar area of Peshawar on 21 December 1995, which caused the death of 37 persons and injured over 50 others.

2. An explosion at Shaukat Khanum Hospital on 14 April 1996, claiming the lives of seven persons and injuries to over 34 others.

3. A bus traveling from Lahore to Sahiwal was blown up at Bhai Peru on 28 April 1996, causing the deaths of 44 persons on the spot and injuring 30 others.

4. An explosion in a bus near the Sheikhopura Hospital killed nine persons and injured 29 others on 08 May 1996.

5. An explosion near Alam Chowk, Gujranwala on 10 June 1996 which killed three persons and injured 11 others.

6. A bomb exploded on a bus on GT Road near Kharian on 10 June 1996, killing 2 persons and injuring 10 others.

7. On 27 June 1996, an explosion opposite Madrassah Faizul Islam, Faizabad, Rawalpindi, killed 5 persons and injured over 50 others.

8. A bomb explosion in the Faisalabad Railway Station passenger lounge on 8 July 1996 killed 3 persons and injured 20 others.

In addition to this, the massacres of Ismailis in Safoora Karachi, attacks on Hazara pilgrims, Peshawar Army Public School incident and Bacha Khan University are some of the recent example of Indian Involvement in Pakistan.

Now in the light of this new real improvement (arresting the vilest spy) it is the responsibility of our government to strongly raise the issue before the international community to unveil the Indian and Iranian real faces.

Muhammad Irshad Chitrali,
Shehr-e- Quaid, Karachi



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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