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    March  30,  2016



Importance of Health in promoting Life Dimensions

Allah Almighty has blessed man with so many things to add his happiness. Among such a nice and necessary factors, one’s profound health tops the rest. Man’s happiness completely depends upon good health. Without proper health a man becomes useless to himself and a burden for the whole family even for the whole society. In contrast a healthy person will not only be happy but also proves himself as a useful asset to his family, friends, community and the nation as well..

“To be a good animal is the first requisite to success in life, and to be a nation of good animals is the first condition to national prosperity.” Herbert Spencer As health is a state of body, mind and spirit. Aristotle adds something more with its importance saying “A Sound mind in a sound body”

As the success of a nation rests on the sound thinking and planning, it means we being the member of a great nation should consider about three dimensions of our life (health); namely the Physical Well-being, the Mental Well-being and the Social Well-being. Because of the challenges we are facing nowadays, the area that must be keenly observed and considered as a nation is the social set of mind. Social Well-being is simply defined as the total existence and social activities of an individual. A socially healthy person is expected to be cooperative, friendly and sympathetic. He represents himself as an active member of the same society; he mingles with the society when there is a matter of happiness or the occasion of grief and sorrow. He knows the responsibilities that lay on his shoulders in terms of promoting and protecting the society where he lives. He observes what is happening around him. He has a sharp eye on the elements who try to play the sovereignty of his state. A socially healthy person maintains the ideology philosophy of his nation. He always prefers the national interest. He serves the community ignoring the differences created by language, culture and somehow by religion.

Thus, if we want to produce healthy citizen of Pakistan we will have to promote healthy life through promoting social, cultural and environmental factor of our people.
Healthy Nation means Strong Pakistan

Muhammad Irshad Chitrali,
Shehr-e-Quaid, Karachi



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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