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     January  08,  2016



Chitralis demands to pass China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The people of Chitral too jumped into the field of the tug-of-war for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as the civil society organizations demanded on Thursday to pass the route through Chitral claiming that it had many peculiarities to be the choice of all.

Convened by the president of Chitral Chamber of Commerce (CCC), Sartaj Ahmed Khan, the CPEC Conference was largely attended by dozens of civil society organizations including political parties, who stressed upon diverting the route towards Chitral saying that the geography and the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere best suited it which were lacked by other routes.

Addressing on the occasion, the district nazim Maghfirat Shah said that the district government and the civil society are on the same page regarding the route of CPEC who were of the strong conviction that there was no other route better the one passing through Chitral and that it will change the very fate of this backward and marginalized area once and for all.

He said that the project will be a failure if the real stake-holders were neglected by the federal government and the ground realities were not taken into consideration while deciding the alignment of the route.

Mr. Shah said that due to its proximity to the central Asian state of Tajikistan and China, Chitral had a strategic significance and it was a solid fact that Chitral provided the shortest path connecting Pakistan and Tajikistan.

In the declaration unanimously passed on this occasion, it was urged upon the federal government not to take into consideration the sentiments of Chitralis and make it the part of the corridor.

Those addressed on the occasion included Sartaj Ahemd Khan, MPA Fozia Bibi, Qari Jamshed Ahmed, Saeed Ahmed Khan, Niaz A Niazi, Sahib Nadir advocate and others.



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