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    March  27,  2016



Crying Birds & their savior Rehmat Jaffar Ali Dost!

It is sad to see that only one man is raising his voice against the brutal massacre of migrating birds in Chitral. That man couldn’t be anyone other than the passionate environmentalist Mr. Rahmat JaffarAli Dost who staged a ‘dharna’ in protest of the illegal hunting. Kudos to his commitment & more importantly to his realization. All other people, especially those who are responsible to protect illegal hunting of these beautiful birds are either in deep slumber or may be sharing the profit with them behind the door. Such a huge number of birds is being shot openly under the nose of WWF & other responsible authorities, yet nothing is being done to stop these brutal killings in Chitral.

Through your esteemed e-paper, the concerned authorities are appealed to take action against the culprits & perform their duty in protecting the fauna of the region. A strict action against any of them will serve as a deterrent ,atleast, for the coming few months.

Engr. Yasir Ali Hamza



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