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    March  27,  2016



Our Paradise Chitral; is losing its Identity: Changes and Measures

Chitral, formerly a princely state associated with the British Rule, once was well known for its unique, attractive and unchanged culture, tradition and smooth norms throughout the globe. As its location prevented it to have an easy access to comparatively best privileged areas of the surrounding and neighboring territories, the same restricted location deviated it from the easy flow of socialization that we simply call the cultural influence for a long span of time.

Although the reason of such influence is the rapid and revolutionary commence of modern science and technology but as I think that it should be keenly considered, otherwise we will see the sorrow end of a most eminent piece of colorful culture. Of course we admit that pacing with the development which we see in the world is necessary but it does not mean that we say bye to our own identity which is the only symbol of our identification throughout the world.

Here what we consider the changes which come in our way are in terms of the entire way of life prevailing in Chitral valley.

In olden days one of the factors that stimulated the Chitralis to stuck with their nice, loving and caring culture strengthening Morality, Human Respect, Kindness, Friendliness and respectful Human Gesture was the peaceful and safe environment of the valley now has been badly disturbed by both the internal and external factors. It is the responsibility of our organizations including the law enforcing agencies and district administration as well as each and every Chitrali man and woman to have an eye on those who, in the name of promoting and exchanging social changes, are trying to takeover our satisfaction, serenity and harmony. It is good that education rate especially among the women folk is increasing day by day but the catastrophe is that we are still far away to enjoy the actual fruit of it and it has to be proved that education means “CHANGE OF BEHAVIOR” not it means to forget your own nice ways of life, one has right to pace with the modernism but it does not mean to adopt foreign culture by demolishing his own, as it is normally seen among your students. As Chitralis we have our own style of life that gives us so beautiful pattern and attracts the rest of the world. We live in the East therefore; our young generation should try to enlighten the west through the Eastern rays of civilization, rather than to accept the fake beauties coming from the west. If we maintain the same uniqueness we will be regarded for ever. Otherwise we will be no more…

In addition to this, it is also the responsibility of the parents and teachers to have a strong check and balance in the daily activities of their children. They should realize the immature minds how they must see the world and how they must deal with the changes occurring in their society, so that they could feel comfort in what they are being taught by their elders.

Yours sincerely
Muhammad Irshad Chitrali
Shehr -e- Quaid Karachi.



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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