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    March  26,  2016



Extermination of Migratory Birds in Chitral

Dear Sir,

People of Chitral are fond of lavish life style and undertake such type of hobbies which are against norms of environment as well as ecosystem. In the past Chitral had thick population of wild-life like, Snow-Leopard, Kashmir Markhore, Himalayan Ibex, Ram-Chakoor, wild-pigeon, etc but population of these animals receded in accelerated rate due to poaching and uncontrolled hunting in the area.

However Chitral Gole National Park and other game reserves in Toshi, Gahrate etc helped to conserve wild-life up to some extent which is appreciable. In other parts of Chitral people vehemently engaged in poaching and anti-wild life activities which are not taken into notice by wild-life department amid their negligence. Wild life departments watchers are giving attention to the above mentioned game reserves but in rest of Chitral, like in Awai, Yarhkhoon, Rech, Terich and Shishikuh etc poachers are still active unabated and deserve attention of Wild-life departments watchers because poaching of Himalayan Ibex and Markhore are still taking place in these and other areas of Chitral sporadically.

Secondly hunting of migratory-ducks is also in progress in Chitral ruthlessly. People engage in duck hunting are resourceful and they also spend big sum of money on this sports in order to deceive the birds by developing big water pool. Usually dame like pool of water are developed on the river bank so that the flying ducks can be deceived and if the migratory ducks land in these artificial pools for a little bit rest after long travel they are fired from all sides of the pools with repeaters guns and almost all the landed ducks are killed in one go. I think this act is not regarded as hunt it is tantamount to extermination of migratory birds and condemnable from all respect. As in case of hunting people kill only one are two animal but in Chitral each hunter kill even 100 or above ducks or as large as possible and lust of killing birds do not satiated even after killing hundreds of ducks on a day. For the last one week I visited various places of Chitral and personally visited the pools which are temporarily developed for duck hunting and I collected some data which are alarming and reflect serious threat to ecosystem in Chitral and rest of areas which geographically attached to Chitral. In each pool average 20 to 80 ducks are hunted on daily basis and there are more than hundred of such pools in Chitral. If we calculate this figure, it is alarming and wild-life department must take notice of the issue. After end of migratory-ducks then migratory dove also pass from Chitral and again whole-sale extermination of these guests will start in Chitral amid deaf and dumb behavior of wild-life department According to environmental experts these birds play dominant role in balancing echo system and such type of ruthless killing will also negatively impact echo-system in the area. These migratory birds eat those insects which are regarded harmful to various types of crops and depletion of their population will also negatively impact growth of those crops which are grown in Chitral. In developing pools heavy digging and construction works are also carried out through government machineries at the river bank which also result diversion of river water and ultimately flood water easily submerge nearby populated areas and develop serious environmental hazards in the area which result devastation and disaster in the coming season. We do not have words to condemn this extermination of wild-life in Chitral in the garb of hunting and kindly request Deputy Commissioner Chitral Mr. Osama Ahmad Waraich, District Forest Officer (Wild-Life) Chitral, Chief Minister KP, and Environmental Minister KP to take notice of the issue and completely ban hunting of migratory birds in Chitral to protect our Chitral from environmental disaster.

Rehmat Ali Jaffardost,
Environmental Activist Chitral


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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