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    March  24,  2016



Parsan Karimabad valley lacking basic facilities

According to media news Pakistan celebrated education and Malala day with the hope that the government will provide equal education opportunities for everyone. The government has also launched a four year literacy programme under which more than three million children of poor families, especially girls, will get free education in Pakistan. Unfortunately, despite declining graph of education system, the government is just doing cosmetic steps to satisfy people. Original conditions of education are far from ideal in Pakistan.

Education is the response to the challenge of the cosmic creative force. Response must equal challenge, otherwise the individual and hence the society faces stagnation decay and disintegration.

Chitral is an administrative district in the extreme north of KPK Province of Pakistan. There are many educational institutions working in Chitral imparting general education but no technical and vocational institute is operating both in private and government. The district has 98 per cent literacy rate, the highest in the NWFP. There are over 600 primary schools for boys and girls in Chitral District.

But some of the villages are still facing educational problems. One the valley is parsan karimabad .Although parsan has an outstanding performance in education. Our encouraging aspect of the situation is that we are in 2ndposition as compare to other villages of Chitral, having a literacy rate of 91%. There are govt schools but none of them are at secondary level and students have to travel a huge distance from parsan to susoom.

Recently We came across destructive floods and earthquakes, yet the most heart wrenching incident occurred on March 19, 2016. We lost our little school going souls who were swallowed by snow avalanche while they were returning back to homes after attempting a matriculation papers. No one knew that they had parted from their families in the morn to never return back!

although it was hardly two or three hours paper that made them go through those risky and several spans snow covered hills, or the lack of examination center near, and lack of board BISEP‬ management and lack and dull motion of secretariat education in Chitral that drew them very close to the famished mouth of death. We know not; what we know is, we have lost the innocent souls! This all happen due to far distance, lack of availability of secondary school and lack of examination Centre in parsan. Enrolment with education institutions is fairly unequal in our area. But still after the parsan valley awaits progress and prosperity of the locals.‬
My humble suggestion and request to government functionaries, public representatives is that we should not indulge in an unnecessary point scoring. I am sure you will agree with me that the problems connected with education business are highly complex and are multiplying exponentially day by day as the run-of-the-mill performance shown by all those associated with this important department in one capacity or the other has miserably failed to produce the desired results.
It is a time to awake the government functionaries, public representatives of Chitral to make a possible measure &take initiative toward karimabad valley especially in parsan valley. Help a valley to more furnish and build a secondary level school for parsanian, For upcoming years govt and BISEP should have to conduct the examination Centre some were in parsan in order to minimize future uncertainty. Education is the key to development. A country cannot develop economically unless her literacy rate is accelerated.

Sher Dullah Khan
Student of im |science Peshawar



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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