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    March  20,  2016



Nine persons including six students missing in Karimabad , two dead bodies recovered from debris of snow

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Only two dead bodies could be recovered from the debris of snow avalanche that had led to bury alive nine school students in Susoom village of Karimabad valley on Saturday while going back to their village Parsan after appearing in a paper of matriculation examination at GHS Susoom centre.

Member of zilla council from the area, Muhammad Yaqub told Chitral Times  on telephone that the search operation was to be suspended for many times due to the continuing snowfall and impeding danger of sliding of more spates of avalanches during the course of search.

He said that on the day of the occurrence (saturay), no search work could be initiated for the dead bodies by the village due to the intensive snowfall that rendered it impossible and perilous to carry on and it could be started on Sunday morning with some respite in snowfall and arrival of the jawans of Chitral Scouts, Chitral Levy and police.

They could recover the dead bodies of Mubashir Ali and Rahmat Bai but the work was stopped for many times when the snowfall restarted, he said adding that the weather was changing for better and the search work would be restarted on Monday without any pause.

He named the missing students as Imranuddin, Imran Khan, Ali Shan, Muhammad Ilahi, Faiz Ali, Irshad Ahmed and Wazir Khan all of whom belonged to the Parsan village and were the students of government high school Susoom.

Mr. Yaqub said that after leaving the examination hall, ten students of the village were crossing the mountainous stream when the huge mass of snow avalanche hit them leaving only one of them to tell the villagers the tale of woe.



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