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    March  11,  2016



American hunter hunts a Kashmir Markhor in Toshi Shasha Conservancy

From Zahiruddin

CHITRAL : An American hunter hunted a kashmir markhor in Toshi Shasha conservancy of Chitral which is said to be second largest in size in the history of trophy hunting of markhor in the area.

Sub Divisional wildlife officer of wildlife department, Irshad Ahmed told Chitral Times  that the hunrter Geff Lee Demaske had obtained hunting permit from the wild life department at the cost of 10.15 rupees for the conservancy.

The largest size had been recorded to be 51 cm which a German hunted had hunted in the same conservancy three years ago, he said adding that the there were seven numbers of more markhors in the conservancy, he said.

He said that after reaching here the American hunter spent only one day in the conservancy to make a choice of a trophy size markhor and marked a 9-year old animal as the conservancy due to its high density population.

“Locating it at a distance of 430 meters, he fired at the trophy with his 7 mm Remington rifle which pierce his body making it fell down instantly”, he said adding that the range was not comfortable and there was every chance of its missing the target but he accomplished it.

He said that two months ago, one of the trophy size markhors in the conservancy was poached by the poachers of the nearby village of Kuju who were later on apprehended by the department and case registered against them.

Keeping in view the strength of markhors in a certain conservancy, the wildlife department pus to auction two numbers of markhors every year in Chitral district and the successful bidder is issued hunting permit while the value of highest bid was 10.15 million rupees.

In lieu of conservation efforts, 80 percent of the income accrued from the permit fee of the trophy hunting of markhor, goes to the local community through the village conservation committee (VCC) which have been organized in different villages.

Mr. Ahmed claimed that it was the achievement of wild life department to preserve and enhance the population of the markhor which was at the verge of extinction in 1970s while the present population of the animal in different conservancies of the district stands at 3400.


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