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    March  09,  2016



International Women’s Day held at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh

Chitral Times Report

KURAGHI: To recognize the role that women play in almost every walk of life, shoulder to shoulder with men, the students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh, along with the faculty members and other staff, celebrated the International Women Day 2016 with great enthusiasm, zeal and zest. The walls decorated with lovely charts, drawings and pictures, poetry and other materials reflected the importance of the day and showed the various skills possessed by the students and their power of expression.

After Tilawate Kalam-e-Pak and Naate Rasoole Karim (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam), the students presented various items depicting the different roles of women in the vast global society. There was a multimedia presentation to show clips from life of really successful women of the history such as Mother Teresa, Fatimah Jinnah, Rana Liaqat Ali Khan, Arfa Karim, Malala Yousufzai and many others ending with the present laureate, Shermin Obaid Chinoy who left their guiding footprints for other women to follow. Grade 9 students showed in form of mimics their expertise and showed various roles woman plays in her life. Other enthralling and heart-touching activities like mime,parody songs, drama, and creative poetry accurately portrayed the bleak realities of a women’s life as well as showed that women’s role is that of a catalyst in everyone’s life.

Thereafter, to throw light on the status given to women by Islam, Mr. Fida Muhammad, lecturer in Islamiat delivered a sermon with reference to the Holy Quran and the life of the Prophet (P.B.U.H). He denied the way Islam is presented regarding the rights of women; rather, Islam is the only religion to have preserved the rights of women during the Dark Era of Arabia.

At the end, principal Ms. Sultana Burhanuddin threw light on the significance of women in and outside houses and in professional fields as they play multitasking role. She added that all success that women have enjoyed in their lives, has been a result of perseverance, integrity, trust and hard work. She also advised the students to pay good attention to their studies and play their due role in bringing positive changes to the society. She compared the present era with the past and expressed her hope view that the students would use their skills for the uplift of society and serve the humanity at large wholeheartedly. She further said that they should have a pluralistic approach towards humanity, but shouldn’t forget to follow their own culture. She highly admired and appreciated them for holding the program so successfully.

It is an undeniable fact that men and women are two wheels both essential and interdependent to bring about development, uplift and prosperity in any society. Though certain societies donot seem very ready and willing to accept the importance of women and to give them their due rights, they can’t defend such an attitude as this on religious, moral and social platform.


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