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     January  06,  2016




Death of  Shaji Sahib Ghoru


It was 1974 to 1976 – when I was  at GHS Mastuj.   It was probably in 1974 that  we as children  saw a jeep  for the first time  in our life.   It was a thrilling experience for  us to get  on a  jeep  going back to Booni after being unloaded  at the depot  in our village.  Shaji sab marhoom  was one of the drivers  carrying wheat  to our village.  He was famous for his serenity and seriousness.  Children  were  afraid  of  getting on his jeep.     This is one link that  connects me with the good olden days  of my childhood. 

Long after that (20 -25years perhaps) I met Shaji marhoom  at a workshop in Chitral proper.   On the surface, he was a grave person. However,  he was really polite at heart, and spiritually active.   Later, it was 2004,  Shaji marhoom,  Subedar Major sab Ghoru,  Sabib Nizar marhoom,  and many others worked  together  on the voluntary  project  of   building  what is known as “QASADO Road.”   It took   about  three months (Jan to March)  to see the first vehicle pass  on the sunny side of Mastuj--  a great  achievement for all of  us.  Shaji sahib had a small digging tool.  I found him a VERY  nice person.  It was a joy for me to  work  with  the “cream” of the community.  Shaji sab  always smiled  even in the face of  highly challenging situations, and this made his character   highly inspirational.   I learnt a lot from him,  in terms of inspiration and motivation. 

Later, sometime  back in 2009-11,  he shared with me his project  of  translating the Holy Quran in Kowar.  It was really a challenging   project.   His handwriting was  really  enjoyable  and of high merit.  The methodology he had adopted was also daunting.  He  consulted  about six  translations  before  creating  his version in Kowar.  I hope the project is complete now.  If it is complete,  it would  be a pleasure for me to see it in print.  

I pray,  may Allah  bless his soul   with eternal  peace.        

Prof. Dr. Ismail Wali


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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