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    March  08,  2016



DC Chitral and AC Mastuj tightened the noose around the corrupt government contractors... Aslam

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The renowned social worker and PTI worker from Reshun village, Muhammad Aslam Shirwani has alleged that the series of protests carried out by the so-called Anjuman Tahafuz Huqooq Mastuj against the district administration is solely engineered by the government contractors and the drug peddlers.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he said that incumbent DC Chitral and AC Mastuj have tightened the noose around the corrupt government contractors by closing all avenues of corruption while carrying out development projects which used to be a usual practice in the past.

He said that it is due to this fact that the projects of roads, bridges, irrigation channels, drinking water supply schemes are incomplete due to the corrupt practices of the contractors who usurped funds in collusion with the engineers of the works departments but the incumbent DC has taken a number of stern measures to break the network which has displeased the mafia.

He said that the drug peddlers were also disgruntled as their roaring business has come to a standstill due to the relentless check by the DC on drug pushers from the very first day of taking charge of his office three months ago.

Mr. Shirnwani said that as many as fifty drug pushers were sent behind the bar by the district administration in Mastuj sub division during the last one month for which the incumbent district police officer should also be credited.

He said that the duo of the contractors and drug mafia are mobilizing the people against the district administration just to ‘settle their scores’ with them.



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